• Company name : Alibaba Travel Agency
  • Company website : www.alibaba.ir
  • Company filed : Travel Agency / Booking Hotel / Medical Tourism
  • Date : May 2019 – March 2020

First Project

Project Title:
Implementation of the Accounting Management System in Rasht (Local web Application)

Project Description:
This project is a dedicated accounting management system for tourism companies
that is written separately as Back-end and Front-end.

Job Title:
Back & Front end Developer

Technologies used:

  • Laravel
  • JWT/Autheucation
  • Service API
  • Element UI
  • Nuxt js
  • Vue router
  • VueX
  • Vuejs


• Implementation of all endpoints or APIs as API Service by JWT / authentication
• Implementation of user management panel and Database queries

Second Project

Project Title:
Iran Advent Medical Tourism Startup www.iranadvent.com

Project Description:
The complete process of the medical tourism is as follows:
It starts with the selection of the hospital, treating physician and the hotel. At the end with the hospitalization and treatment. It is also localized in 6 languages of different countries.

Job Title:
Back & Front-end Developer

Technologies used:

  •  Laravel
  •  Vuejs
  •  Element UI
  •  MySQL
  •  Rest API


• Structural changes and modernization of Database
• Implementation of all patient-related module
• Design and implementation of modules for patient dashboard package
registration by using airline and hotel reservations APIs
• Design and implementation of modules for reception dashboard