• Company name : Gilar Group
  • Company website : www.gilargroup.ir
  • Company filed : IT group / web hosting – IT consulting
  • Date : February 2019 – July 2021

First Project

Project title:
Online Market Place www.gilar.ir

Project Description:
It was a personalized content management system in the Python programming
language that was changed to WordPress.

Job Title:
Back end Developer & Technical Manager

Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • WordPress


Implementation of Robots in PHP language and Database Analysis:
In this project, all the old system’s data had automatically synchronized
and transformed to the WordPress database format by crawler Robots.
All SEO Keywords and URLs completely retrieve.
Implementation of a Dedicated User Search Plugin:
This specific plugin was written for the manager to extract user searches
in different parts of the website to analyze customers and data.
Technical Edits:
Fixing the technical bugs, Increasing the speed of the site, Adding the
new features, editing the Templates, Implementation of the WordPress
plugins, and manage WordPress content in the PHP programming

Second Project

Project Title:
“Gilarena” Hosting www.gilarena.ir  |  my.gilarena.ir

Project Description:
This project provides hosting and domain registration services

Job Title:
Server Man, technical support, and Server Monitoring

Technologies used:

  •  CentOS 8                    –  Configured
  •  Whm (Cpanel)             –  Configured
  •  Cloud Linux                 –  Configured
  •  Lite speed web server – Configured
  •  Jet backup                   – Configured
  •  Firewall and CXS         – Configured
  •  Server backup              – Configured


Configuration of Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, and Laravel hosting
(Optimized for Laravel)

Installation and security configuration of hosting customer management system (WHMCS).

Configuration of the live monitoring system for backup and hosting servers to
inform and send alerts to server admin via email, telegram, slack, and SMS